Get Shit Done in Just an Hour

✨ Join me for a Power Hour ✨

Are you...

  • Stuck on something specific in your marketing or business?
  • Finding it hard to actually sit down and do the work you know you need to do?
  • Getting frustrated that you seemingly aren't making progress on a task?
  • Annoyed by that nagging feeling to get xyz done and move on?
  • Guilty of avoiding the hard *but important* tasks?
  • Needing some 1-1 support for your specific block/question but aren't ready for full-on coaching?

...Then you will LOVE a Power Hour!

What is a Power Hour?

It's 1 hour of personalized coaching where we tackle a project, task, or block on your mind/list!

You decide what we work on. We could set up a tool, create a campaign, write website copy, troubleshoot social, etc. This is YOUR hour, you choose what you want to work on.

You leave feeling relieved and proud that you took action!

Who is a Power Hour For?

The solopreneur who just needs to bounce some ideas off someone.

The social media newbie who is sick of reading articles and fumbling around on her own.

The busy bee who just can't seem to block off time alone to get this task done. 

The creator who has something new to share with the world, but isn't quite sure how.

Anyone with something that has them stuck!

These sessions are meant to be quick and impactful so you can move forward in your business.

✨No need to stay stuck, confused, disappointed in yourself, or overwhelmed - we can knock out what's got you down!✨

What Can We Cover in a Power Hour?

Social Media Questions

Marketing Strategy

Biz Tech Setup

Launch Strategy

Tool Setup

Understanding Analytics

Website Copy

Branding Updates

And More!

Not sure if we can cover your specific question or topic in a Power Hour?

No worries, drop me a message with what you need and I'll let you know before you book!

What Clients Are Saying...

What you offered during our call was fantastic! Thank you for the detailed ideas!

-Laura K. 

I am still on a HIGH from our chat!!! I feel like you unlocked a lot of ideas and ways that I've felt stuck for a long time. I feel like I can EXHALE!

-Elizabeth S. 

I can't stop thinking about our call! Thank you for the support and clarity!

-Carrie D

Introducing the Power Hour Bundle!

Need more than an hour, but not ready for a full coaching package?

Try a bundle of 3 Power Hours (savings of $75!) to tackle your bigger projects/questions!

3 Power Hours instead of just 1!

$75 savings!

Support between Power Hour calls 

Perfect for larger projects

*At this time, only 1 bundle is allowed per person. If you'd like more support than 3 sessions with me, consider a 3 or 6 month coaching package!

Power Hour FAQs