Hey there, I'm Cali

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I help women like you lead a business you love in an overwhelm-free, efficient, and guided way.

I believe you can have it all. 

That us women are powerful and deserve to be free and live our desires. 

I believe that we live in a world and within systems that have structures that just don’t work for everyone (hello corporate) and that we can only change that by living our versions of success and lifting others along the way. 

The more we live the lives of our own creation, the more we can help others do the same. 

But this takes: 



The right mindset

And strategies

Wherever you are in your stage of designing your dream life, it’s my goal to save you time, energy (and honestly money) by sharing my skills, all I know, and guiding you through your next steps in a fun way that gets shit done. 

I'm thrilled that the universe has connected us in some way and I’m thrilled you are feeling called to a life of your own design. 

Are you ready to make it reality? 

I am. 

My Why

It’s time more women had true OWNERSHIP over their own lives. 

I envision a world where “the system” as we know it is shattered because thousands of badass women claim their desires, take action on their dreams, and CHANGE IT. 

My role in all of this is helping these badasses get their businesses and lives where they want them so they can spread their power to the next. 

We’re changing the world one badass womxn at a time. 


What Clients are Saying...

"OMG I Couldn't be more grateful for your support, guidance, and friendship through this all. Just so grateful for the quantum leaps that happened because you believed in me and pushed me to make it happen with ease." - Hillary S. 

"I feel like you unlocked a lot of ideas and ways that I've felt stuck for a long time. I feel like I can EXHALE, a sense of relief knowing that there's someone who can help me get some of this stuff sorted out and take my biz to the next level!!!" - Elizabeth S.


Reasons I’m a Perfect Coach For You (AKA Credentials You Might Care About)

Beyond the fact that I have created a successful side hustle turned full time business and can help you do the same, I have a few other cards up my sleeve to help you out: 

  • I busted my butt for 2.5 years at night class for an MBA at American University (if that doesn't scream business consultant, I don't know what does)
  • I’m a certified copywriter and content marketer (fancy words to say I can convey a message clearly and help you do it too!)
  • I’m also a certified social media marketer (to say you need to understand social media to run a successful business these days is an understatement)
  • I worked in corporate operations for 10 years (I know how to set up systems, processes, and people like a champ - let's get yours cleaned up!)
  • I was a teacher in a past life (useful to you because I know how to break things down and present new ideas in an easy way!)

Are you in?


I’m having a blast turning womxn into Freebirds by helping them:

  • tap into their inner confidence,
  • execute their highest marketing,
  • clarify their mission,
  • and create strategic support to bring their mission to life

- want in?