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Money Confidence Masterclass

Ready to enhance your relationship with $?

Enjoy this masterclass where we unlock how you can EARN and RECEIVE the money you desire in your business (and why it's not happening now).

During this free training you'll learn:

How to reframe your money beliefs

How you can get out of your own way with $ blocking behaviors/mindset

My practical tips for shifting into a new money paradigm

Heard about 'money mindset" but not sure where to start?

Join me to learn the basics of money mindset, including powerful tools you can use to shift your thoughts, beliefs, habits, and actions to ones that actually help create the financial (& balanced) life you're dreaming of. 


Here's What You'll Learn

What is "Money Mindset"

What's this buzzword all about and how is it affecting your growth?

How to See Your $ Blocks

Yikes, you mean we are stopping ourselves from receiving more abundance?! Let's change that.

How to Receive $ in Your Life

It's not just knowing how we are blocking money that matters, we have to learn to receive too.

How Your Biz Grows when Your $ Mindset Shifts

Turns out our $ mindset affects our businesses. Learn how you can price, charge, and earn with ease once you become aware of your $ mentality.

Real Tools I Use To Stay Abundant

You are so powerful, now it's time to use that power to serve your higher good and $ desires.

My #1 Tip for Receiving More

I PROMISE you can get comfortable too with this trick!

BONUS: We'll wrap up with prompts and exercises you can use to continue your journey to money confidence!