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Ready to take your life & business to the next level?

Then grab my monthly reflection guide.

It takes a few minutes a month, but can change your life, I mean it.

Any of this sound familiar?…

  • Another month has come and gone and you still haven’t checked off that big goal that you know you are called to do…
  • You have a million ideas, dreams, thoughts, doubts, desires, and tasks floating around your head and no matter how hard you try to organize yourself you still feel like you can’t keep up
  • You believe in self reflection, but just can’t seem to find the time to fit it into your schedule…
  • You feel like you are learning the same lessons (and making the same mistakes) over and over again…

If so, what’s missing for you is a simple way to become more self-aware of your patterns and business needs and capture your next steps towards growth/expanding/changing/improving. 

The good news is that I know the simple way to fix this. 

It’s through a quick monthly reflection. 

Research shows us that "Reflection gives the brain an opportunity to pause amidst the chaos, untangle and sort through observations and experiences, consider multiple possible interpretations, and create meaning. This meaning becomes learning, which can then inform future mindsets and actions."*

Now you can add this benefit into your life and business in such an easy way. I’ve curated a reflection guide that you can simply download and use for yourself. 

This guide is a compilation of many other reflection guides I’ve used over the years, some questions I’ve personally found helpful, motivating, or revenue generating over the years, and incorporates some of the science behind self-reflection. 

It’s all been pulled together for you, all you have to do it open it and give yourself the gift of 5-10 minutes a month of self-reflection.


What if your thoughts, beliefs, and actions could all align to design the life you’re dreaming of? 

What if I told you they could just by answering a few powerful questions every month? 

THAT’S what my monthly reflection guide offers you. A space to collect your thoughts and beliefs so you can zoom into action all in an aligned way that moves you towards your dreams. 

This guide isn’t just some mumbo jumbo list of journal prompts (although it that’s what you need to say it is, I’m good with it!) - rather, it’s a compilation of tried and true questions that probe to the core of what’s going on with you and you business, so we can get to the juicy stuff that actually brings change. 

The guide offers you: 

  • 11 questions (plus some bonuses!) that will help you organize, plan, get motivated, and take action again
  • A space to dump all the thoughts swirling around in your head - they’re better out than in!
  • A practical spot to set up your next month so you can go into it with clarity
  • Reflection points that will help you identify your patterns so you can stop making the same old mistakes and learning the same old lessons
  • Room for innovation (you’ll be amazed what you’ll innovate when you just give yourself the chance!)
  • Motivation to keep pursuing your desires
  • A space for gratitude - the most powerful emotion - so you can use it’s power to propel you into the next month
  • An awesome way to reflect on your whole year (you’ll see so much fun progress and change by looking back on your monthly guides!)
  • An easy way to actually invest in yourself (and did I mention it was free?)

I truly believe in this guide and how it can change your trajectory. I want us all doing it. That’s why I’ve made it free. It’s for all of us, it’s so we can all rise together. I can’t wait to hear about the shifts and “ahas” it brings forward for you (please always feel free to share them with me @freebirdcoaching!). 

Yours is waiting for you here: 

The Story Behind the Guide

I used to think it was impossible to find time to do a “debrief” or reflect on my life or business.

I’d stockpile journal prompts and never do them. I’d be so motivated after reading posts of my mentors and their reflections, but just never quite get to my own.

And then I found a guide that walked me through a few simple questions to reflect on. All I had to do was answer them. What a relief, I could’t screw that up, could I?

(Maybe you relate and think you can “mess up” self-care or self-reflection or spirituality or growing your business - I hear you, a later lesson I’ve learned is that we can’t mess up - how awesome! - but some guidance along the way never hurts). 

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The first time I did a reflection guide was on a bus ride from NYC to DC, I scribbled in my journal and just let my responses flow. It was like all my ideas, doubts, needs, desires, and next steps were already in me just begging for a space to come out.

After that initial reflection I felt not only a huge relief and clarity internally, but my life and business saw shifts I honestly can’t explain. It was as if things aligned. I could see plans clearer, I wasn’t lost in my own BS. It all just started to arrange itself. In fact, it was in that first reflection guide that the idea of moving full time to my business was born. And here we are.

My point is that reflection is POWERFUL. And it doesn’t take much time or effort - in fact, your inside is already begging you to do it (you know it, don’t you?).

So the trick is just fitting it in.

My hope is that with this simple guide, you have a go-to resource that takes away the hesitation or any blocks of how to start and what to do and kickstarts you right into action.

Give it a shot, just a one month trial if that feels doable (it’s free after all, what’s the harm?).

I like to do it on the last day of the month, as a nice closure to one chapter and door to the next, but you do you, if your months are from the 15th to the 15th, it’s your life! Do whatever you have to to make it work.

It’s just a few questions compiled over years of refining them and takes me only 5-10 minutes a month (although sometimes longer if I’m on a roll!).

And it’s ready for your when you are.

How it Works

By the way, for those of you that would like all the details, getting and using this guide is really simple:

1.First, you just enter your first name and email in any of the spots I’ve added to this page for you (one below these steps as well). (if you are concerned about sharing your email, please read my Terms and Conditions and/or just know that I promise to keep your information safe with a secure 3rd party, will never share/sell it, and won’t ever spam you, I email only every other week or so, max.)

2. After you enter your information you’ll receive an automatic email within a few minutes that contains a link to the PDF guide. 

3. You can choose to download the guide, open the link every time you want to do it, or copy the prompts into your journal, whichever you prefer to make it yours. 

4. You give yourself 5-10 minutes a month to actually fill it out! Don’t let this be another freebie that just sits in your inbox! (Said with love from someone who’s been there, and sometimes still is). 

Sound good? Get your Monthly Reflection Guide here:

And I mean it, if you ever want to share your reflection insights or “ahas” with me, I’d be thrilled to hear them! Just DM or tag me @freebirdcoaching!