10 Tricks We Can Use to Overcome Fear (When It's Leading to Inaction)

10 Tricks You Can Use to Overcome Fear (When It's Leading to Inaction)

As small business owners we're often outside of our comfort zones, and you know what comes with that? Fear.

We can't let fear overcome us, lead to inaction, or stop us from living our dreams. So we have to learn how to work with it.

I've found a few tricks you can use to overcome fear in my time as an entrepreneur. Try these when you find yourself stuck, nervous, or not doing something you know you need to because of fear, maybe they will help.

1. Remember that inaction breeds fear.

The easiest way to get over the thing that's scary is to start doing a part of it. Maybe you don't jump into sharing your face on Instagram Stories, but you start with making a list of what you want to share, baby steps. Action is the key here.

2. Don't ignore fear, pushing it away, that only makes it bigger.

Acknowledge it's there, that it's trying to be helpful, that it can come along for the ride like it has before. Sounds crazy, but literally just saying, "I'm scared to do this", or "Ok fear, I see you, you can come along as I do this thing" takes the power away.

3. Get to the deeper why of your fear.

What's really going on below the surface. Try asking "why" at least 7 times to get deeper. Use that lesson to find the pattern of what triggers you or why you do this and then work on working through the patterns.

4. Remember your BIG WHY.

Sometimes tapping into the bigger reason you're doing all these hard new things reenergizes you. Your "why" needs you.

5. Power pose.

If you need to get your mind and body into action mode, try this.

6. "Act as if" or fake it til you make it.

Pretend to be proud of your post or ecstatic to share what you have to say, just like a power pose, your thoughts can change your belief and actions.

7. Stop thinking about yourself, think of what you are giving.

Can you think of what you are giving as a gift? In your life you've probably experienced that someone said/offered something that you loved and you are so glad they put it out there - someone will feel the same about you! How can you show up for them? Maybe in this case you use people pleasing to your advantage!

8. Pretend you are talking to your biz besties/friend/partner who you can share these things with openly.

If you struggle to share authentically because of fear, pretend you are talking to someone you trust first to help you get your content out.

9. Get yourself worked up about something you are passionate about.

While you are "in it" get online or write it out and post - use your fired-up-ness to take action!

10. Put on a persona.

Sometimes it's easier if it isn't "you" who is doing the writing/sharing/posting. Try a new persona who is the way you wish you were and have her do the sharing!

Each of these tricks has come in handy at different points for me. If one doesn't work for you, try another!

And if you have your own you use, I'd love to know, let me know in the comments 🙂

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